How to Crimp


Position the crimp bead in the notch closest to the crimping pliers’ handle.




Separate the wires and firmly squeeze the crimp bead.



Move the crimp bead into the notch at the pliers’ tip. Squeeze the pliers, folding the bead in half at the indentation.




The flattened crimp. 



Crimp Covers

Crimp covers hide a crimp tube or bead and give a professional finish. To attach, gently hold a crimp cover in the front notch of the crimping pliers.


Insert the crimped tube and gently squeeze the pliers. While you are doing this, you should also watch that the crimp cover is not closing lopsided. If it is, you can correct it by moving your tool to squeeze it a little in the opposite direction.


Then finish squeezing the crimp cover encasing the tube inside the cover.