Labradorite, Faceted Coin, 12mm

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Labradorite, Faceted Coin, 12mm Strands are 15 to 16 inches long. 


4mm faceted coin strands have 101 to 106 pieces 

5mm faceted coin strands have 69 to 74 pieces

6mm faceted coin strands have 65 to 70 pieces

12mm faceted coin strands have 32 to 35 pieces


Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that is most often found in igneous rocks. What sets the stone apart from other semi-precious stones are the multicolor streaks inside. The minor fractures within the stone reflect light in a way that is bounced back at different wavelengths. This reflection at varying wavelengths is what brings out the beautiful colors and give it the amazing iridescence. Lapidaries must do a careful study of the material so that the finished stone will be oriented to produce the best full "face-up color." When cut correctly for proper angle, high quality material displays a bright flash of color(s).

Labradorite generally has a gray-green, dark gray, black or grayish-white base while having streaks of peacock blue, copper, gold, and light green. 

Labradorite was first discovered in Labrador, Canada. The ancient Inuit’s believed that Labradorite was the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Other deposits of the mineral have been found in Newfoundland, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, and Madagascar.


Hardness 6-6.5

This is a natural stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling, and polishing.

The source of these beads is Finland and they are cut, drilled and polished in China.